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Please feel free to use my snags...AS IS. DO NOT in any way alter them( this includes putting your own or someone else's names on them), tear apart or claim as your own!!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
 Hey all!  I have a few new CT tags and snags to share with you today!  These are all made using Amy Marie's kit "Little Red".  This is a GREAT kit!  You don't have to ONLY use a "Little Red Riding Hood" tube; as you will see in my example tags!  You may pick up this fantastic kit and all of Amy's other kits at her store HERE

Tag #1- I used the artwork of OrkusArt.  You may buy this tube and all the other wonderful tubes at PFD
*click on image for full view*

Tag #2 I used the artwork of Ted Hammond.  I purchased this tube when he was selling at CILM. He is now currently selling at CDO
*click image for full view* 

Tag #3- I used the artwork of Anna Marine.  I got this tube while she was at CILM but she is now also selling at CDO.  This is where you will see you DON'T have to use the themed tube.  
*click on image for full view* 

Now for your snags!  Leave some love if you take them please! :) 

Happy PSPing!!

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