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Friday, May 31, 2013
I have a new tutorial for you today using Amy Marie's kit O Spring.  This kit is gorgeous! Very versatile!  You can get the kit at  SATC 

*Click Tag For Full Image*

What you will need
Tube of Choice- I am using a tube by Jessica Dougherty which I purchased from CILM
Mask Of Choice I used a mask by Wee Scott Lass

This tutorial was written by me, Natalie, on May 31st 2013. This tutorial is of my own creation. Any similarities is just a coincidence.
You must have a working knowledge of PSP. I use PSP 9 but I'm sure any other version will work as well. 
Remember to save often.  
Ready? Let's do this!
Open new image 600x600
transparent background
Copy and paste Element 26. Resize to your liking. Add drop shadow.
Copy/ Paste tube of your choice, move to the left of your frame.
Open Paper 14- Copy/paste and move to under the frame. Using your magic wand click inside the frame, selection, modify by 5. Invert delete paper 14. 
Duplicate tube, put inside of frame just like you did your paper. Lower opacity to 60.
Open Element 41. Resize to liking. Add drop shadow. Move over to left side. Duplicate and move to the right side.

Open, Copy/paste element 12. Resize to your liking. Add drop shadow. Place in the lower right corner.
Duplicate, mirror, and move to left corner, in front of the tube.

Open, copy/paste element 11. Resize, add drop shadow, and place by element 12. See tag for placement. Duplicate, and move to the left side. 

Open, copy/paste element 29. Resize to your liking. move to the bottom of the tag, place in the middle. Make sure it's the very top layer. Duplicate twice, move those to the very bottom layer, and move one to the right side, and one to the left side.

Open, copy/paste element 47. Resize to your liking. Add drop shadow. Move to bottom layer. Move to bottom left corner.  Look at tag for reference. 

Duplicate, mirror, and move to the left side of the tag so it looks the same on both sides. 
Open copy/paste element 50. Resize, add drop shadow. Place in front of the leaves you just placed. See tag for reference.

Duplicate, and move to the left side again, so it matches the right side. 
Open paper 14 again, copy/paste and move all the way to the bottom layer.  Open your choice of mask. go to layer> New Mask Layer> From Image. Click the down arrow and choose your mask image. Click OK. Delete mask layer, and then merge group.

Add copyright and name and you are done. 

Thank you for trying my tutorial!
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