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Please feel free to use my snags...AS IS. DO NOT in any way alter them( this includes putting your own or someone else's names on them), tear apart or claim as your own!!
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Thursday, June 27, 2013
 CT tags and snags using Amy Marie's kit Summer Cutie!  I love this kit because it has alot of red in it! :)  You can get this kit and all her other awesome kits by visiting Amy's store HERE

First tag is using a tag from Alex Prihodko- who is becoming one of my most favorite artists :)  The second tag is using the artwork of Ellie Milk. Who is also becoming a favorite of mine.  You have to have a license to use their work, and you may obtain these tubes and a license from PFD 

*click image for full view* 

*click image for full view* 

Now for your snags...Leave some love if you take them please :) 

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